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Recently, I saw a video called ""Resurrecting" My First Four-wheel Drive-Give myself a Children's Day gift 20 years ago".


In the video, the author recalled the excitement of receiving a four-wheel drive vehicle on Children’s Day 20 years ago, and at the same time bought an unassembled four-wheel drive vehicle of the same model to regain the old accessories such as the “Dragon Head Phoenix Tail” and “Golden Speedmaster”. Freshmen, for myself 20 years later.


When the four-wheel-drive vehicle, which was a mix of the past and the present, was assembled, the owner of Up sighed:


The feeling of holding the car in my hand is particularly wonderful. Time may flow through my hands like this. Looking at the high-speed rotating wheels, I am reluctant to leave the car in place and run. It’s not because I’m afraid of the car crashing. The person who played against me has disappeared.


With the "resurrection" of this four-wheel drive, I suddenly felt like being taken back to the summer of the 90s, and remembered a lot of past events.


I couldn't help but look at the comments below the video, and my nose was suddenly sore.


"The people who can compete with me are gone. Everyone goes their separate ways."


"In a blink of an eye I have become the age of my parents... the four-wheel drive that I couldn't afford when I was a child was replaced with a high-end supercar that I can't afford now."

“转眼之间,我已经成为父母的年龄了……我小时候买不起的四轮驱动器被现在买不起的高端超级跑车所取代亿客隆app。 ”

Then I tried to search for more memories related to four-wheel drive in the online world.


To my surprise, I thought that the four-wheel drive was only left with pure feelings for everyone to worship on the Internet. However, after a simple search, I found a brand new world:


"This is the sixth time the car park has been relocated. As a non-profit car park, it is not easy to survive so many years."


In Baidu's four-wheel drive post bar, the parking lot referred to by the bar friend "Asian Madman" is not for running cars, but a mini four-wheel drive club.


In Yangjiang, Guangdong, together with 5 friends, he shared the monthly rent evenly. With his love for four-wheel-drive vehicles, he operated this parking lot from 2015 to the present.


In the impression of most people, the mini four-wheel drive and the passing slogan "


This impression, from the perspective of time, is not an illusion. Mini four-wheel drive vehicles have gone from popularity and decline to the present, more than 20 years have passed.


Changes in the world, whether it is a shining "emperor superstar", an elegant "sprinting meteor", or a beautiful "dancing angel", are all but the representatives of backward productivity in toys.


However, in Baidu 4WD, you can see a parallel universe under the same sky:


Here, the mini four-wheel drive seems to have never gone far.


After the sixth parking lot was relocated, Bayou "Asian Madman" posted a note on the door of the parking lot saying "Good luck in opening".


But the opening is just a celebration. In the past 5 years, this car park has not charged the players. If you are thirsty, you can buy a bottle of Coke in it even if you support it.


This time, the house they rented is only 500 yuan a month, and everyone is trying to save money.


Except for the driving yard, these people have their own jobs.


It is their daily routine to use the money earned from work to supplement the normal operation of the parking lot.


In addition to rent, the mini 4WD track is the other biggest expense.


Below this post, someone asked such a question:


Commodity society, making money first. I think this is also the question of many outsiders.


The original poster did not answer this question directly. But in this post, he is obviously not alone.


If you look closely, you will find that this kind of club still exists in a corner that is neglected by everyone, perhaps right at your doorstep.


Looking at the posts of these clubs, you will immediately remember the happy time in childhood.


After school, everyone surrounds the runway of the store in front of the school. There are three floors inside and three outside. You take turns to compete. You clenched your fists and sweat couldn't stop the flow, because anyone who was a few seconds faster than yourself would feel a little bit crying.


At this time, the shop owner will smile and come out to comment in due course, "Buy a silver super motor, if you install it, you will win him."


So, the next day, your school charged another 100 yuan for textbooks.


Among the people who play four-wheel-drive vehicles in Tieba, there is a group of people who specialize in collecting such "old antiques."


They take it as their responsibility to gather all the models in the cartoons "Four-wheel drive boy" and "Four-wheel drive brothers", no longer consider racing, buy them back or even take them apart. They are called "static players".


In the post bar, they will communicate with each other, where can they buy the car they want?


I would also look at the car I collected, feeling very proud, and could not help but sigh:


If you take these cars through time and space and return to your childhood, all the friends on the street will "kneel down" to me, right?


Compared with "static players" who just can't get used to it, the technical genre will make changes to the four-wheel drive.


For example, anyone who played four-wheel drive as a child knows that the styling relied on stickers. But now, players will spray paint directly.


Using spray paint, you can change the style of the car to what you want.


If you add modifications, you can create a unique car.


Here, you will know that there are still so many manufacturers that continue to produce mini four-wheel drive vehicles, and someone will analyze the pros and cons of each brand for you.


You can also see how fast the unrestricted racing axle car is running and how avant-garde the shape is.


Everyone talked from the chassis to the "leading phoenix tail", from the "golden super motor" to adding lights to the four-wheel drive, to the topic of endless debate: whether the Audi double diamond was officially authorized by the "Tamiya" in the past. ?

从底盘到“领先的凤凰尾巴”,从“金色超级马达”到为四轮驱动增光,每个人都在谈论着无休止的辩论话题:奥迪双钻是否由“ Tamiya”正式授权在过去。 ?

There are divergent opinions on whether or not it has been authorized.


There was a good thing netizens asked Tamiya officials, and the answer was: "Tamiya and Audi Double Diamond have never cooperated in any form."


However, some people have overturned this statement, believing that it was the slander after Tamiya's cooperation with Audi double diamond broke down.


However, when you just click on the comment on a video under Douyin "Audi Double Diamond", you will know that you may never have cared about this issue.


Mini 4WD is more like a symbol to open memory. Speaking of the first car in childhood, almost everyone has a story to tell.


What's even more amazing is that when you re-examine these stories from today's perspective, you will find that there are many easter eggs hidden in them.


For example, in December 2017, China's largest mini 4WD forum was closed. Xiaohui, born in 1988, recalled the first time he played a four-wheel drive.


The cousin of the county town brought a four-wheel drive vehicle when he came to the village to join relatives. “At that time, there was a steep slope at the door of my grandma’s house. At the top of the slope, my eyes lit up and I was shocked. I ran too fast."

县城的堂兄来村里与亲戚同住时,他带了一辆四轮驱动的汽车。 “那时,我奶奶家门口有一个陡峭的斜坡。在斜坡的顶部,我的眼睛发亮,我感到震惊。我跑得太快了。”

"My cousin's parents are rich, and he readily gave me the car." "At that time, the adults were busy pushing the wheat out, and I played happily alone, as if I got the biggest baby."

“我堂兄的父母很富有,他随手给了我车。” “那时,成年人忙着把麦子挤出来,我独自一人开心地玩耍,好像我有了最大的孩子。”

The joy of being forced to switch gears is not a small number of people who have re-played four-wheel drive because of compensation.


In this story, there is such an easter egg hidden:


In countless villages like Xiaohui, mini 4WDs can only be bought in the county. But ordinary children from rural areas cannot go to the city.


Therefore, in the countryside, whoever buys a four-wheel drive is the one who has the most voice and is most envied in the small circle.


Children who buy a four-wheel drive show that their family has more economic capital and their socio-economic status is higher than those without a four-wheel drive.


Go to the city to buy a four-wheel drive and return to the countryside to show it to your friends. In this process, the four-wheel drive has become a kind of cultural capital.


Rural children misappropriated this cultural capital in the city to express their anxiety and desire to leave the rural identity and integrate into the city.


At the same time, the mini four-wheel drive is a product of the spread of Japanese popular culture in China and a symbol of globalization.


Even the children in Chinatown, in the eyes of Japanese children, are just picking up people's teeth.


Looking back at this past episode today, you will find that the phrase "we are too difficult" is definitely not the case when you grow up, but since the economic reform in the 1990s.


In February 2008, a video titled "Memoirs of the Post-80s" was posted on the forum, kicking off the first wave of nostalgia for the post-80s generation.

2008年2月,在论坛上发布了一个名为“ 80年代回忆录”的视频,这引发了80年代后一代的第一波怀旧之情。

In this 19-minute video, the author lists the familiar cartoons, TV series, games, unforgettable toys, snacks, and background music of "We are the successors of communism" and "Learning from Lei Feng". "Good Role Model" and other most popular songs in childhood.

在这19分钟的视频中,作者列出了熟悉的卡通,电视连续剧,游戏,令人难忘的玩具,小吃和背景音乐,它们是“我们是共产主义的后继者”和“向雷锋学习”。 《好榜样》和其他童年时期最受欢迎的歌曲。

In the Tianya community and Maopu forums, the "post-80s" people followed posts one after another, leaving stories one after another, nostalgic for their childhood, moving and warmth abound.

在天涯社区和毛埔论坛上,“ 80后”人民接连发表,故事层出不穷,怀念童年,感动和温暖。

This is the first time that the "post-80s" appeared on the Internet as a collective nostalgic image.


At that time, the mainstream media was criticized, and it was generally believed that the 80s would not bear the label of "Beat Generation", and the ostrich mentality was decayed at a young age.

当时,主流媒体受到批评,普遍认为80年代不会贴上“ Beat Generation”的标签,而鸵鸟的心态在年轻时就已沦落。

Of course, the mainstream media certainly hadn't thought of it at the time that the following "post-90s" could turn the term "Buddha" into an annual hot search term.

当然,在随后的“ 90年代后”将“佛”一词变成年度热门搜索词时,主流媒体当然还没有想到这一点。

Mannheim wrote this passage in "The Problem of Generation":


In a generation, those individuals who have a common destiny and have gone through the same social experience and historical process will have a certain affinity between them.


So I was thinking about such a question. The nostalgic generations born in the 80s and 90s still have four-wheel drive vehicles as the carrier. After the 00s, how are they nostalgic?

所以我在考虑这样的问题。 80年代和90年代出生的怀旧世代仍然以四轮驱动车为载体。 00以后,它们如何怀亿客隆旧?

Compared with before, children nowadays don't go out even more, and everyone's common experience has evolved into a cyber experience.


In fact, there is no need to talk about the post-00s, just take myself as an example. Now chatting with college classmates and reminiscing about the past, it basically happened when LOL was black.


But the game is always being updated and the version is changed. Everyone is busy after work, and it is getting more and more unable to play.


Later, after 00, you will definitely encounter this problem. As the age gets older, can this generation of nostalgia only rely on "Glory of the King" to open up nostalgia?


From this perspective, I think people who can still play 4WD vehicles are actually quite happy.


Recently, Xu Zhiyuan invited Oxford University anthropologist Xiang Biao in "Thirteen Invitations." In the show, Xiang Biao put forward such a point of view-"the disappearance of the neighborhood."


I think this is the sharpest contemporary social observation I have seen recently.


Put a few excerpts here:


At the moment, we are disconnected from the environment near ourselves. We don’t care about the position of the house we live in in this city, or the meaning behind this position. What we care about is “transcendence”.


And, for comments on grand events, we are in an extreme situation where we only care about our home or the world, and have no interest in the “nearby” we walk every day. This is also the trend of modern society—to eliminate the “nearby”.


Twenty years ago, there were countless children on the playground and on the concrete floor, watching their four-wheel drive sprinting forward fearlessly. They imagined that they would be like a four-wheel drive in the future.


Twenty years later, the future has arrived. The four-wheel drive has not been able to run for twenty years, and it has been submerged in the past. But some old boys who are almost middle-aged choose to continue holding their four-wheel drive vehicles, trying to race against time, and drove against the current yesterday, which cannot be returned.


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