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亿客隆_国安召开争冠动员会 周金辉:自身够强大才是硬道理

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   On the afternoon of October 10th, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan Football Club held the 2020 season halfway summary and championship mobilization meeting at Gaoxin Base. Club chairman Zhou Jinhui, general manager Li Ming, management, all the coaches and players of the first team, and the club's front staff attended today's mobilization meeting.


   Head coach Bruno Genesio spoke first. He thanked the club staff for their hard work behind the scenes. Later he pointed out that the team performed very well in the first stage, but apart from some uncontrollable factors, the team also exposed some of its own problems.

主教练布鲁诺·杰内西奥(Bruno Genesio)首先发表讲话。他感谢俱乐部工作人员在幕后的辛勤工作。后来他指出,团队在第一阶段的表现非常出色,但是除了一些不可控制的因素之外,团队还暴露了自己的一些问题。

   Regarding how the team achieves the championship goal in the second stage, Bruno said that every game must be played as a final. "To win the final championship, I think two points are the most important. First, we must train harder, both in terms of physical fitness and technical tactics, than in the first stage. Second, the spiritual level. Everyone going to Suzhou, including coaches, players and staff, must show a positive attitude and put personal interests first. I ask everyone to put forth 200% effort. Go and help the team win the championship. We will definitely go all out to complete the club's goals!"

关于车队在第二阶段如何达到冠军目标,布鲁诺说,每一场比赛都必须进入决赛。 “要赢得决赛冠军,亿客隆我认为最重要的是两点。首先,我们必须在身体健康和技术战术方面比第一阶段更努力地训练。第二,在精神层面上。每个人都去苏州,包括教练,球员和职员在内,必须表现出积极的态度,将个人利益放在第一位。我要求大家付出200%的努力。去帮助球队赢得冠军。我们一定会全力以赴完成俱乐部的目标!”

After   , the club chairman Zhou Jinhui took the stage to speak. "(Opening) watched (the first stage review) this film, and I couldn’t help but want to curse a few words in my heart. I think every player has the same feeling in their hearts. In the first stage of the game, we could have won I won the first place in the Suzhou Division, but due to some external factors, and more importantly, our own problems (we didn't win), there are many things to summarize."

之后,俱乐部董事长周金辉上台讲话。 “(开幕)观看了这部电影(第一阶段的评论),我忍不住想在心里诅咒几句话。我认为每个球员的内心都有相同的感觉。在比赛的第一阶段,我们本可以赢到我在苏州分部获得的第一名,但是由于一些外部因素,更重要的是,由于我们自己的问题(我们没有赢),有很多事情可以总结。”

   Chairman Zhou Jinhui said that the team needs to face up to its current strengths and weaknesses. "Our advantage is a reasonable staff structure, strong configuration, and many domestic players. Our foreign players also have experience in the national team, as well as experience and experience in the World Cup. Our lineup is fully equipped to compete for the championship." The current shortcomings of the team, Chairman Zhou Jinhui is also outspoken. "Some factors are beyond our control and we lose some of the points we should have received. But to be honest, if we are strong enough, those factors can't help us. So the most fundamental thing is to improve our own strength. The team’s overall defense is problematic, especially after 70 minutes of the game, the team’s display of control of the game has declined. This is a flaw for us and an old problem for the team. If we want to To win the championship, we must solve this problem."

周锦辉董事长表示,车队需要面对当前的优势和劣势。 “我们的优势是合理的人员结构,强大的亿客隆配置和许多国内球员。我们的外国球员也有在国家队的经验,以及在世界杯的经验和经验。我们的阵容齐全,可以争夺冠军。 ”目前球队的缺点,董事长周金辉也直言不讳。 “有些因素超出了我们的控制范围,我们失去了应该得到的一些要点。但是,老实说,如果我们足够强大,这些因素就无济于事。因此,最根本的事情就是提高自身的实力。球队的整体防守存在问题,特别是在比赛70分钟后,球队对比赛的控制显示能力下降了,这对我们来说是一个缺陷,对球队来说是一个老问题。如果我们想赢得冠军,我们必须解决这个问题。”

   Originally the theme of today's mobilization meeting was "Do my best and do my best". Chairman Zhou Jinhui decided before the meeting to change the theme to "More Resolute and Tough". "'Try my best, do my best', I think it should be changed to'more determined, tougher'. Our players basically did their best in the first stage. But what we lack is tenaciousness and domineering , If you want to show this kind of domineering, you need to be'more determined and tougher' on the court."

今天的动员会议原本的主题是“尽我所能,尽我所能”。周锦辉董事长在会前决定将主题改为“更加坚韧”。 “'尽我所能,尽我所能',我认为应该将其更改为'更坚定,更坚强'。我们的球员基本上在第一阶段就尽力了。但是我们缺乏的是顽强和霸气,如果你想展示这种霸气,你需要在球场上更加坚定和坚强。”

  Under the second-stage knockout format, how can players show a "more determined and tougher" attitude on the court? Chairman Zhou Jinhui believes that the basis of toughness and determination is more self-confidence. "True self-confidence is not afraid of making mistakes and not afraid of losing. Only when you are determined to win on the field and show the courage not to be afraid of failure, can you be more determined and tough in the game. You must be more determined, Be tougher and show the will to win but not afraid of losing. As long as you achieve these two points, I will be satisfied with you, and I believe Beijing fans will also be satisfied."

在第二阶段淘汰赛形式下,球员如何在球场上表现出“更加坚定和坚强”的态度?周锦辉董事长认为,坚韧性和决心的亿客隆基础是更加自信。 “真正的自信不怕犯错,也不怕失败。只有当您决心在场上获胜并表现出不怕失败的勇气时,您才能在比赛中更加坚定和坚强。我们必须更加坚定,坚毅,表现出获胜的意愿,但又不怕失败。只要您达到了这两点,我就会对您感到满意,我相信北京球迷也会感到满意。”

   Finally, the general manager of the club, Li Ming, said that this is the first time that the club has made a clear goal in the season mobilization meeting. "Everyone must remember that each round of the elimination round is 180 minutes, not 90 minutes, and everyone must keep the most focused attention every minute. I hope to get together in Beijing next time in the form of a celebration party!" (Song Ci)

最后,俱乐部总经理李明说,这是俱乐部在赛季动员大会上首次明确目标。 “每个人都必须记住,淘汰赛的每一轮都是180分钟,而不是90分钟,每个人都必须时刻保持最集中的注意力。我希望下次以庆祝晚会的形式在北京聚会!” (宋慈)

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