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亿客隆app:纳达尔迷妹法网封后 高中刚毕业打网球只因想赢姐姐

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Netease Sports reported on October 11:


"Nadal is my favorite player. When I was a kid, I only watched his games." "Does Rafa still play games later?"

“纳达尔是我最喜欢的球员。小时候,我只看过他的比赛。” “拉法以后还会玩游戏吗?”

Sviatek was born in a sports family. Her father was an excellent rower and represented Poland in the 1988 Seoul Olympics. "My sister and I should have inherited his sports genes." Sviatek revealed why he embarked on the road of tennis. Father hopes that his daughters can become athletes and engage in personal sports. "He likes tennis very much and has always hoped Let’s go this way.” However, Sviatek’s original goal was to become a swimmer, but later switched to tennis because he wanted to beat his sister.

Sviatek出生于一个体育运动家庭。她的父亲是一位出色的赛艇运动员,曾代表波兰参加1988年首尔奥运会。 亿客隆app“我和我妹妹应该继承了他的运动基因。” Sviatek透露了他为什么踏上网球之路。父亲希望他的亿客隆女儿们可以成为运动员并从事个人运动。 “他非常喜欢网球,一直希望我们走这条路。”但是,Sviatek的最初目标是成为一名游泳者,但后来因为他想击败姐姐而转投网球。

"We often go to training together. At first, she was of course better than me, but defeating my sister was my goal at that time." Sviatek recalled his childhood experience, "I keep training hard and make progress every day, but when When I was about to achieve, she had to give up, which made me very sad.” My sister, who was three years older than Sviatek, had to stop training because of a very serious injury during training. Tektronix did not give up the path of tennis. "My sister told me that we can’t just aim to beat her, be a professional player, and find a way to beat the best player in the world." Sviatek established a more Ambitious goals.

“我们经常一起去训练。起初,她当然比我好,但是击败我姐姐是我当时的目标。” Sviatek回忆起自己的童年经历:“我每天都在努力训练并不断进步,但是当我要实现目标时,她不得不放弃,这让我非常难过。”我的姐姐比Sviatek大三岁,由于在训练中受了重伤而不得不停止训练。泰克并没有放弃打网球的道路。“我的姐姐告诉我,我们不能只是想打败她,成为一名职业球员,并找到一种击败世界上最好的球员的方式。” Sviatek建立了一个更加雄心勃勃的目标。

In fact, Sviatek has previously won the French Open. In 2018, she and McNally won the doubles championship in the youth group. In addition, she was also the winner of the 2018 Wimbledon youth group women's singles championship. For Roland Garros, Sviatek has special feelings, so Nadal, who has won the French Open championship trophy 12 times, is naturally the perfect idol in the hearts of every young player who has infinite vision for the French Open, Sviatek Of course it is no exception.

实际上,Sviatek以前曾赢得过法国公开赛。在2018年,她和McNally赢得了青年组的双打冠军。此外,她还是2018年温网青年组女子单打冠军的得主。对于罗兰·加洛斯(Roland Garros)而言,斯维亚泰克(Sviatek)有特殊的感受,因此纳达尔(Nadal)赢得了法国公开赛冠军奖杯十二次,自然成为每个对法国公开赛有无限远见的年轻球员心中的完美偶像。例外。

However, the journey of chasing dreams has always been full of thorns. At the French Open in 2019, Sviatek, who had just passed his 18th birthday, was swept 6-0 and 6-1 by Halep. Now, two years later, she has realized the "happiness revenge" against Halep. From nothing, from being swept to sweeping opponents, Sviatek only took more than a year to realize the dream of such an incredible process.


Of course, such a young Sviataike still faces academic problems, but playing in tennis has forced her to give up some campus life. During the French Open last year, Sviatek had to not only prepare for the game, but also prepare for the high school final exam. After losing to Halep and halting in the round of 16, she rushed back to Warsaw to make up classes without stopping, and she was still doing homework during the flight. This year, due to the suspension of tennis tournaments due to the epidemic, Sviatek successfully completed the high school education, but also had a worry.


"If I can reach the top 10 in the world, I will temporarily put down my studies and work hard to win the Grand Slam championship, but if my ranking is still around 100 within two years, then I will go back to school." Viatek is already the new class Grand Slam champion, and the world ranking will rise to 17th. It seems that her plan to return to campus to study at university may be temporarily postponed, and the result of her full commitment to tennis is all the way in Paris. Sweep all powerful enemies and create the brightest moment of your career so far.


Compared with his idol Nadal, Sviatek’s career has just started, but Nadal was also 19 years old when he won his first Grand Slam championship in 2005. Does it imply that Sviatek also Will achieve greater success? Her unreasonable bottom-line offense is indeed a bit like Nadal. Counting down the past four Grand Slam champions, Andrescu, Kenning, Naomi Osaka, and Sviatek are all around the age of 20. The four giants of the new generation of women's tennis may be born and become female Banna. Dahl may be too early for Sviatek, but it shouldn't be difficult for her to break through to a slam.


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