Photo Styling and Moments – Business Identity Curation

There already is a big movement around sharing experiences through photos on social networks. Facebook recently spent a billion dollars to acquire Instagram. A photo styling and sharing app with no revenue. Why?

Here is a possible reason:

“I think Facebook is getting a little nervous about Pinterest, for instance. There is a new generation of meaningful social networks that are all about personal identity curation. Like Pinterest, Instagram understands that the future is photo-driven, and that those photos are about style and moments. Facebook is playing catch-up. It can either become this fundamental layer, the glue that holds this world together, or they can start creating better environments for users across the board.”

via What The Tech Pundits Don’t Get About Facebook’s $1B Instagram Deal | Co.Design: business + innovation + design.


If the new generation of meaningful social networks are about personal identity curation and styling these moments in photos in the primary driver where does your business fit in?  Can your business benefit from this trend?

Business Identity Curation is your opportunity to continually build your brand by sharing moments your customers want to engage with on social platforms.  With the rise of Instagram and improvements to Facebook’s photo platform a good way to build your identity is through interesting photo stories.   Google+ has a great photo experience and Twitter keeps improving their visual sharing.  Have you thought about how your business could build it’s identity with photo sharing?

We can help you create a road map to your own business identity curation.

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