QR Codes that Provide Real Service Benefits

Here’s a potentially good idea for hospitality businesses with using QR codes.  If you’re in the restaurant / bar business this may be a way to create some real service value for your customers.

Muncheez is a local pizza restaurant with over 50 different kinds of beer to choose from.  That’s a lot of choices.  If Muncheez made their extensive beer menu available through QR code I could scan it while waiting to pick up my order and have the whole menu available on my phone.  Now I have the full menu on my phone and  I can look at it anytime.

Next time I’m ordering to go how convenient would it be to have their to go menu right on my phone, scanned from their QR Code on my last visit.  Muncheez can update their menu and I get the changes right away.  This makes it easier for me to stay familiar with their menu.  It may help me choose Muncheez more often when I’m hungry for pizza.

Read more about this QR code idea at:

As the article says QR codes are often to complicated to bother with but these ideas make sense.  What do you think?

This morning eMarketer has a story about curious consumers and QR Codes.  According to the research only 21% of surveyed people have heard of QR Codes but 4 out of 5 know what they are.  The biggest reason people scan the codes is to see what will happen.  Read more at the link.

Curious Consumers and QR Codes

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